March 09, 2012

What a disappointment!

Remember that gorgeous Entrelac cowl I made? Well, I got to wear it just ONCE! before the truth, and the dye, of Cherry Tree Hill silk/merino yarn came out. Tonight was the first time I washed it, and in a cold water rinse cycle all of the burgundy and green color bled out, muting the chartreuse to an ugly gold and casting a faded grey hue over all of the other shades, not to mention ruining the colors of two pair of hand knit socks that were rinsed with it.

I've always been enamoured of the beautiful colorways of this yarn label and have sought it out at conventions and in yarn shops, but sadly no longer. What a miserable feeling it is to have done so much work and devoted so many hours to something that ends up looking like an old dish towel after one cleaning!

I am glad that I can say that my own yarns don't leave knitters in a melancholy mood after just one wear. I guess the remainder of my Cherry Tree Hill stash has a very uncertain fate.

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