February 20, 2012

A Few Winter Break Masterpieces

Winter Break has been good to my knitting obsession.  I've needed to get some FOs under my belt for a while now.  I'm that type A personality who is haunted by unfinished things (you may have noticed this from previous posts).  I've made it a point to do as much knitting as possible during this break, and the FOs have begun to accumulate:

One pair of striped Elegy gloves in a custom colorway (makes me think of Florida) for a custom order:

One kelly green merino top handspun version of my Harris Slouch pattern knit in one of the new sizes of the pattern (medium) for me.  This is just in time for Scout #1's first (and last) soccer game of the season.  Scout #1, in a rock-star-of-the-soccer-game moment jumped up to head-butt the ball and came down with a crunch on his ankle, fracturing not one, but two growth plates in his ankle; however, my head was cuddly warm the whole time that I sat on those frosty aluminum bleachers.

And the socks ... they are showing signs of actually getting finished this time.  My new pattern for the perfect boot sock is coming along nicely and I am ready to turn the heels. There will be another pair of these in a more attractive yarn that doesn't separate with every stitch, but for now, this new pattern is knitting up nicely.

I am now down to 8 projects on the needles left over from the new year (2 frogged, three finished, and a new Harris Slouch size tested so far.)  I know that number seems to match the original number on my resolutions list, but I forgot to mention a few projects that I apparently had started and not finished when I made that list, including this one: the Entrelac scarf experiment (from December).  Check that one off the list!


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