February 08, 2012

Look at me! I'm on Craftsy!

I've been thinking a lot lately about branching out and exploring other online markets after a sudden awareness of a lack of seller protection on Etsy, particularly.  Serendipitously, I received an email invitation from Craftsy, and now look at me!  I'm on Craftsy!

All of my patterns aren't up yet, but five are currently making a new home here.  Same great prices, same great patterns!

And, in the spirit of conquering the overload of old projects for the new year, I've managed to get three under control.  My friend Michelle reminded me that I am the master of my knitting, not the other way around, and I was inspired to take the knitting by the needles, so to speak.  One pair of Elegy gloves was frogged (handspun alpaca/silk) and will be reincarnated as something else some day.  One pair is finally underway and I have one glove knit and the other on the way to completion, see:

And those basket weave socks that I hated ... well here's the last surviving picture of those.  After I discovered that I had knit the heel according to the pattern instructions for a size much smaller than I had been working, I decided that it was just better to put these socks out of my misery.

They've been frogged and re-incarnated for a new sock pattern that I am working on. Two-at-a-time, top-down, of course. This could turn out to be the best boot sock pattern in the history of knitting!  I am very pleased and there is no twisted basket weave on tiny needles involved, which is the best part of the whole endeavor right now.  These socks will definitely find their way to my feet!


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