February 10, 2012

KAL update #2

Well, I've finished the Brambles Beret, which I knit in my own Shades O'Sheep Hemlock.  The yarn is 100% organic Spanish merino.  Since it is not super soft and super squishy like Australian merino, the stitch definition is crisp and the pattern is well-defined.  What I am liking best about this new yarn line is that it holds the shape of the beret with nothing more that having wetted the fabric and dried the hat on a 10-inch dinner plate.  I've worn this hat a couple times and I even lent it to Leslie to show off at her house, and it still looks like I just blocked it.

Leslie's hat is almost finished.  I took these pictures a few days ago.  She could be secretly finishing it up to show off at knitting club on Saturday as I speak!  Leslie's yarn is a silk/merino combination, heavy on the silk, and her beret has a pretty sheen to it.  She is very proud of how well this pattern is turning out for her, as well.

 I have to give this pattern props.  It was easy to knit, was a quick little project (mine actually took me about a week to do over a series of random moments--I'd say about 6 hours total spread out over a week), and once I got past the first chart, I zipped through the second chart in no time!  The only issue with the pattern seems to be that the large size has the wrong materials information (copied and pasted from the small size) and there's an odd statement after the instructions to begin the first chart that says that you will work the pattern 8 times.  You won't.  You will work it once.

This was a good little project for my knitting buddy and I to work together. You and your girl pals should try it, too!

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