May 08, 2010

Socks, Socks, Socks!

Socks, socks, socks!  I can't seem to get around to knitting anything else these days!  As soon as I finish a pair, a new pair needs to be knitted.  I did a knitting marathon to get some socks done for Mother's Day.  I thought that I had two weeks to knit them--Mother's Day kind of snuck up on me this year--and it turned out that, with having to ship them to my mother, I had 5 days.  Every waking moment that I could spare was devoted to knitting my Gulf Socks--so named because the colors reminded me of the waters in the Gulf of Mexico and the spiral pattern, which I adapted from Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer's Cornucopia pattern, ended up looking like, with the variegated colors of the yarn, a series of waves heading toward shore.  5 days.  One pair of socks. 

So, as soon as I finished those, my daughter, who's 6, informed me that she needs knee socks.  Never knit knee socks before, so this is an experiment in patience.  I decided to go with a butterfly pattern and am using Regia 4-Fach Haltbar--basically, these are the Tutti Frutti Butterfly socks because they are going to be one crazy pair of socks.  Knitting from two separate skeins, doing two-at-a-time, it appears that the color arrangement of the yarn was wound in opposite directions.  I have knit, torn out completely to make the circumference larger, knit again, and am now tearing out to the cuff because I think I need to alter the butterfly pattern.  It looked too stretched when my daughter tried one on for sizing.  So, picture coming soon.


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