May 26, 2010

And the projects just keep piling up!

It's been a while since I shared the details of my knitting obsession, but WOW! the Blue Glass Shimmer (70% alpaca, 30% silk) hand-dyed lace weight that I just got by UPS to make the Leaf Lace Scarf (visit my Ravelry projects page for pattern details) is so gorgeous that I felt inspired to blog.

I'm down to the toes on the Tutti-Frutti Butterfly socks (thank the Lord!), and that project has turned out to be one that never seems to end.  I knit a few pattern repeats on the Coral Cables sleeveless cardi, but haven't gotten any further than that.  But it stares at me longingly every time I sit down to work on the socks. Ever have a project that just seems to take over your life?  And the wool sweater that I screwed up for my son keeps reminding me that I was going to tear that out and redo it--had that intention since about December.

My daughter and I Kool-ade dyed about 10 oz of Coopersworth on Monday because she was home sick and we needed a crafty project.  It's spinning up pretty nicely; but oddly the camel-colored roving is looking rather yellow next to the turquoise (Berry Blue), burgundy (Black Cherry), and kelly green (lemon lime and Blue Rasperry Lemonade).  Makes me think of melted popsicles.  And I'm still working on spinninig the pink gold silk.  Can't wait to get started on the soy silk that I just got in.

I don't think the fair isle socks will ever get finished and I'm seriously considering ripping them out and starting over (5th time?) with a finer weight yarn.

My mother gently reminded me on Tuesday that I haven't sent any preemie hats in a couple weeks.  So there's that to do.  I bought new yarn, but am just too busy.  Gotta finish the socks!

And tomorrow is the LAST day of school!  Hurray!!!  A few of us are planning to get together during post-planning for a little knitting time.

So, tonight my mission is to finish the Tutti-Fruttis and get on with my life.  Pictures coming soon.


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