May 12, 2010

What's spinning

Since I seem to have caught the latest stomach bug, and I was UP at 2:30 this morning and too miserable to sleep, I thought I'd catch a quick handspinning video on the ol' Youtube, and that inspired me to start spinning the orangey-gold Tussah Silk that I bought at the Stitches South convention last month.  I bought about 2 oz. from Gale Evans of Gale's Art.  It's very orangey-gold in the hank, but when I unwound it to spin it I discovered that, hidden from view, there was a giant rosey-pink spot.  At first I was irritated because that little discovery changed everything, but it is spinning up to a fine pink gold lace weight--almost a thread--and the pink is giving it a sunset sort of coloring.  Pretty nice!  Thought I'd share.

And then a funny thing happened the other day, knit-wise.  I have been fussing about getting back to a sweater vesty thing that I started last August (Kathy Zimmerman's "Coral Columns").  As I mentioned before, I can't seem to get away from the socks! (Tutti-Frutti Butterflies almost to the heel now)  A friend of mine asked me last night to make her a pair of lace socks with Ravens in the pattern--have to think about that one for a while.  Anyway, I dug out the pattern and I dug out the beautiful fern-colored extra fine merino and the little bit that I had started on the back panel.  And then it was like I forgot how to knit with straight needles altogether!  It's literally been since November that I knitted with straight needles instead of circulars, except for the errant dishcloth during a car trip.  I got down the front row alright, but then when I turned the thing, I was befuddled on what to do next.  Craziest thing.  But I picked up the pattern again and knit a few rows, and it felt good to be back to work on a put-away project.  THIS is What's Knitting next:


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