May 09, 2010

Sock success

Well, the Gulf Socks were a big hit with mom!  She loved them.

My Mother's Day was pretty swell, too.  We went to the lake and I sat in the sun, got a little more tan, worked on the Tutti Frutti Knee Socks ... the kids fished and drove my husband nuts.  It was great!  We had absolutely the most perfect weather, too.  So the Tutti Frutti socks had me worried because they weren't looking much better the third time around, but I've actually gotten past the first row of butterflies and it looks like they might finally be coming together.  I'm not too crazy about how absolutely different the color pattern is from one sock to the next, but my daughter seems to like their odd, mismatched quality.  That's good because if I have to tear them out one more time, I don't think I'd actually start over. The pattern is developing nicely and I will share it as soon as it is ready.

Hope all the mother knitters out there had a relaxing, knit-filled Mother's Day, too!


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