April 28, 2010


I recently sent some preemie hats of various sizes to Gulf Coast Medical Center's NCIU, and they were pretty basic as far at the hat scene goes.  Even though the nurses were thrilled to get them, and my recent endeavors have allowed me to come up with the Ideal Preemie Hat Pattern (see In Flux on this page for pattern), the knitter in me has been whispering "That's the best you can do?  Really?!" So I went to Ravelry and I surfed.  Lo and behold, and many thanks to other inspired knitters, I have latched on to the waffle hat.  Check out how cute these are turning out to be!  I'm enjoying this pattern so much that I was almost late for work this morning because I couldn't tear myself away. All day I kept thinking, "If I were home working on those preemie hats, I wouldn't be this stressed out!"  I just like the pattern so much I had to share.  You can access this pattern in my free patterns section. 


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