April 12, 2010

As Scarlet would say ...

So the first day back to work after Spring Break began with a 5:45 AM text message from a parent about her daughter's day at school which hasn't even started yet, followed by being 30 minutes behind schedule in getting out the door, followed by a series of electronic device problems at work--either my DVD player is possessed or it's on it's last legs and it's time to plan the funeral--, followed by a pretty smooth series of classes with my 9th graders, followed by, as I'm about to shut-R-down and go home, being thrown under the bus by someone at the BOE who is obviously trying to save her job in this time of cutting the heart and soul out of public education one furlough at a time, followed by the dog ate my last good pair, and they weren't even that good, of Nike flip-flops as a welcome home present, followed by a stack of new and improved bills in the mail and no new knitting magazines, followed by we're now funding field trips by having elementary school kids pay a buck a pop for a bottle of Coke twice a week instead of asking unemployed parents to send in a check, followed by the damned metal cork screw broke off in the cork of the bottle of wine! That was the end of my sanity. My engineer husband came home and I said "I need you to use your engineering skills to open this bottle of wine" and he took it out to the shop and came back with the bottle and a drill, and that didn't work, so I said "just break off the neck and I'll drink the whole bottle 'cause I'm right there" and he said "obviously" and left with the bottle again. I had momentary visions of being a character in Erma Bombeck books.  When he did get the cork out, my husband seemed disappointed that I only really wanted one glass. Damned good wine, though.

So I'm in one of those angry-at-the-world-cuz-I-need-a-new-job-because-mine-isn't-fun-anymore moods.  And then after dinner I went outside to water the garden because it's April and it's 83 degrees at my house at 7 in the evening and spring has sprung, and I realized that I spend too much time being frustrated by the things that are really beyond my control--like my job, --which I am damned good at by-the-way--and the perpetual Chinese laundry that my children think I run instead of having a life, and I spend too little time patting myself on the back for the things in my life that I do well and enjoy, like growing 26 types of vegetables and herbs in my little backyard garden and I don't even follow all of the directions!  I have two children who are always on the principal's list at their schools and one who just isn't old enough to qualify but would if she could.  And I am a damned good knitter.  And I am currently happily married to my engineer husband who can fix everything I break, even cork screw faux pas.  I can't recall anything that I have tried and haven't accomplished in my life, except a toy slot machine that I took apart when I was ten years old, for which my mother still gives me grief because it wasn't mine in the first place, and a first marriage that I think is listed in Guiness as the greatest mistake in judgment ever made by one women in all of recorded history--well, maybe at least in the history of the Western World. 

 As Scarlet would say, "Fiddle-de-dee!  I don't have time to worry about that now.  I'll think about THAT tomorrow."

Countdown to Southern Knitting Universe convention:  11 days.


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