April 11, 2010

Not so scary after all!

Thanks to the Socks Revived Design contest, I have been inspired to try fair isle.  That may not seem like such a big deal, but I have been wanting to learn how to do fair isle for years.  I have a smart little collection of pattern books that have been gathering dust on the shelf. I thumb through them now and again; but I have always thought that fair isle would be too  intrinsically complicated and require too much time in a class or with a knitting instructor.  But no.  It's easy!  No knitting class required.  Although I don't expect to meet the sock design deadline--maybe one done and the pattern, but not a pair to boast about--I decided to listen to the yarn and see what happens.  And, voila, my first fair isle sock is born!  My 13-year old informed me yesterday that I am obsessed and need an intervention.  Ha, ha.


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