June 04, 2012

Monday Masterpiece: Showing Off

Currently, I have myriad knitting projects in the works, but none actually finished--close, though.  However, what I haven't shown off lately is the gorgeous dye work that I have been doing.  Since this is going to be a week of dying for my Etsy shop, etc.,  I thought today would be a good day to share what I have done in the past few months as custom orders for my Etsy customers.

This order went to a lady who is making a coat for her daughter (and who lives on "Cardigan Street"!  I'm so jealous of her address!). This is 1200 yards of 100% organic merino in a worsted weight:

These next two orders were for custom-ordered pairs of hand-knit socks.  Susan, who makes these socks, is a professional knitter of socks and has an Etsy shop, as well: The Knitting Jeepgirl.  Everyone should stop by her shop to check it out!  She makes gorgeous socks!

This skein is a silk/merino blend that was a gift for someone's mother, I believe.  Originally, this colorway was a BFL sock colorway, but I was able to reproduce it with the silk/merino (no small task if you know anything about dying silk with non-silk dyes).

This final pair of custom dye orders was done for NonasNitting on Etsy.  I can't seem to find the pics of the Blues colorway that I did for Patricia in the mohair, but here is a picture that is from her Etsy shop of the finished, sumptuous product.  I hope she won't be upset that I am promoting her shop and her beautiful sweater (You should purchase it; the yarn she made it with is undescribably soft and dreamy!) by "borrowing" this picture.  The second is my Snapdragon colorway, which I created especially for Patricia, and is done in a fingering weight merino.

So now you know what I do when I'm not knitting or trying to bring order to the chaos of my universe.  Stay tuned for more yarnie stuff later in the week.


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