June 13, 2012

Dye Works: The Race is On!

My house has been turned into a virtual dye works this week. The weather has not been particularly cooperative and I have had to break down and use the kitchen--too wet, too humid outside!  Why so much dyeing all of a sudden?  I have to ramp up my stock for summer markets.  My local farmers' market booth opens this Saturday and the following Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I will be in Charlotte, NC with at booth at the Charlotte Fiber Festival.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that neither of these events will be cancelled due to weather or other calamities.  In the meantime, I'm dyeing, dyeing, dyeing!

I've known about these deadlines for weeks and weeks, but there's nothing quite like waiting until the last minute to make things interesting.  This is what Sunday looked like ... 56 skeins of wool and cotton.  Because of the torrent of rain, my knitting room had to double as my drying space.

And worsted weight merino yesterday ...

Finally, some sun!  So today was sock yarn and alpaca ...

(What's with the straw?  Still trying to get grass to grow after having the pool put in.  You would think with all the rain we've gotten this week that I would have a carpet of green, right?)

I think I have about 100 skeins left to dye before heading to Charlotte.  (Grimace)


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