May 30, 2012

WIP Wednesday (5/30/12)

Wow!  It's been a while since I posted about on-going projects!

Right now I am getting myself (and my yarn) together for the Charlotte Fiber Festival in Charlotte, NC the weekend of June 22nd, so the present knitting is mostly focused on what I'll need for my booth.  I've been whipping up some of my Girlie Girl purses because they are cute and a quick item to produce.  I'm doing about 1 per day, knitting on and off throughout the day but mostly in the evenings.  At present I am on the fence about whether to line them or leave them as they were designed.  Rocket says to leave them, as she loved hers when she was younger just the way it was. Thus, they are stacking up without the shoulder strap until I make a decision.

The other thing on the needles right now is a design I am working up for KnitPicks.  I only ordered enough of the requisite materials to swatch and get a start on the design to gauge drape and such; so I am working the pattern out in some Arucania (kindly sent to me through Knittin' Good Yarn Swap on Ravelry--look us up!) of a similiar gauge, though much stiffer, to determine initial sizing for my design submission.  I guess I can't really give you the details because they haven't said "yes" to my submission yet, but the stand-in yarn is pretty so I thought I'd give you a peek.  Even if they don't choose me, I'll still end up with a very chic little sweater.

And, lastly I am to the heel of my Hiker Chick socks in the new Little Sister colorway.  Heels are not my favorite part of a sock, so I've sort of set this project aside for a week or so.  And that's what's doin' on my needles this week.

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