June 26, 2012

Hiker Chick Socks: Test II

Just a quick post today to celebrate the completion of my second pair (size small) of the test knitting for my Hiker Chick sock kit pattern that is coming out in July. 

Considering that I have decidedly learned that I am absolutely incapable of following my own directions, it's taken me a little longer than expected to knit up this pair.  The leg went swimmingly. Then the heel and gusset ... well turns out that the first time I knit the heel I was knitting it by following the size medium directions and it wasn't until after I had knit the entire heel and gusset that I realized my mistake.  Nothing like have to knit 4 heels and 4 gussets for two socks, right?  Then I knit the foot, which was knitting up very quickly until I realized that I hadn't knit the gusset far enough and had to tear out the all of the knitting for the foot to get the correct stitch count.  One would think that by the time that I had gotten to the toe--and I mean got all the way to the kitchener stitch bind off--I would have had the sense to follow my directions and would have been counting my stitches in each row to avoid further rip-its.  But, no.  Apparently I was knitting the toe on an angry day (that would have been Saturday when I was counting the ways that I absolutely despise Dianne of Creatively Dyed for having scammed me and my fellow vendors with the fiber fair in Charlotte that she didn't even bother to attend, herself, as the promoter). I only knit the toe decreases on one side of the sock.  At least both socks matched in this regard:  small top stitch count, mammoth bottom stitch count.  Rip it, rip it!  But, home again, home again and the toes were re-knit today in one fell swoop.

I'm very pleased with them and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of more yarn blanks tomorrow so that I can dye the last colorway.  So many women commented about how awesome the Little Sister colorway of these socks is while I was knitting them incorrectly at the Charlotte Fiber Festival that I wish I had taken the Copper Kettle pair to gauge reaction to that one.  I think I will take the third colorway with me to the farmer's market on Saturday, where I have a booth for my pretty hand-paints, to do a little polling.

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