May 23, 2011

The Summer List

I had a New Year's Project Resolution list, and I've actually gotten a few FOs out of it.  Here's where it stands:
sweater for me (elsebeth lavold Christmas present skeins)
medium Sportsman test gloves
large Sportsman test gloves
extra-large Sportsman test gloves
2 sweaters for Rocket (1 nearing completion for the second time)
1 pair of gloves for Scout 2
that gorgeous blackberry cabled cowl sweater for me
Swing for my mom
buttercup beret
socks, socks, socks! (Groovy in progress; waterfall; monkey socks)
Reconstruction Sweater (sleeves not yet done)
cowl for a friend 
another pair of Elegy gloves for me (in progress)
80s Shrug (in progress)
cabled cardigan (hibernating)
yellow Swing (in progress)
Macrame Vest (in progress)
cowl for Honey
black cherry wool/silk cowl

But summer is upon us, and that means a whole new list to work on, plus the old one.  So here's the summer list as it is stacking up:

3 custom ordered scarves/cowls
finish yellow Swing
Swing for my mom
additional sizing for Swing pattern
2 test sweaters for Rocket's sweater toward publishing the pattern
publish Rocket's sweater pattern
socks for mom
finish twitsted basket weave toe-up socks for me
finish Autumn Leaves beret
finish the Reconstruction Sweater
finish the green Elegy gloves for me
finish the baby blanket
finish the teddy bear
finish the macrame vest
finish the 80s shrug
woolen rectangular shawl
cardigan for me
cowl for Honey
write a new pattern for Knit Picks
knit 2 new cowls for me
dishcloths for the kitchen

I'm sure you have noticed all of those "finish" statements in the list.  I think I am a compulsive beginner of projects.  If I could only compulsively finish them, too.

Garden's been in and is growing well, except for the berry plants/bushes.  Chickens got into the blue berries and polished them off before they even had a chance to ripen.  Strawberries started with a bang and petered out, WAY before the growers' plants did around here.  I'm hoping for a second round of straweberries from them.  We ate our first salad with garden lettuce last night, and all those strawberries we picked on Saturday (5 gallons) mostly made it into 4 quarts of frozen berries and 15 pints of strawberry jam.  Wouldn't you know it if two of the jars (from the same batch no less) haven't set up. Frick frack.

Well, off to post planning and grading the last of the papers for the semester before grades are due this afternoon:  the dreaded research papers!  Happy knitting to all! (I know that's what I'll be wishing I was doing instead of sitting down with those papers.)


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