May 27, 2011

First FO of the Summer: Rocket's Cardigan

I started knitting this sweater weeks and weeks ago after having made a doll-sized sweater from a free patten from a French lady.  Rocket loved the mini-sweater so much that she had to have one of her own "with stripes!"  Well, I started in on the sweater, for which there was no pattern.  As I knit it, I received countless instructions from Rocket, the 7 year-old, about how I was supposed to knit this sweater.  Needless to say, it's been knit, frogged, and knit again to fit Rocket's specs.  Gathered at the top--she doesn't like raglan seaming--not too tight in the chest, only one button because she "doesn't even like buttons", a little ruffly in the back for the bottom, short sleeves "because I hate sleeves, mom!", and, of course, the button band had to have a pattern and be blue.  Rocket picked out the yarn, decided on how wide the stripes should be, and decided what order the colors should be.  This is totally a custom-made sweater.

And I almost died this morning when I thought I had lost the majority of the pattern notes!

So, thoughts?  I was thinking that I would publish this pattern in a size range of girls' 6-10.  I guess that this will be a summer project. Depending on how this wool washes up, I may change the yarn type, too.  Although she loves the sweater, Rocket is already complaining that it itches.  We'll see what it feels like after a bath.  Some little girls, however, are going to get free test sweaters; so if you know of a reliable children's charity that takes sweater donations, let me know.


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