May 03, 2011

Serendipity in the Yarn Universe

It's only Tuesday and already it has been a week and then some!  So much stress that it makes me not even feel like knitting.  Seriously.  And that is just plain tragic. But, despite non-existent sales in the shop and a domain that won't transfer to a web host with a clue and the end of the semester crashing about my ears, the Yarn Universe has been sending me little signals to let me know it has my back.

For instance ... I almost never watch videos on Knitting Daily via my Iphone, but on Friday I thought "what the heck" and the one I picked at random was all about a new book that has everything one needs to know to design a sweater in terms of measurements and gauges and yarn weights DONE FOR YOU!  Serendipitously, I need that book to finish the various sizes in about 3 patterns that I have going right now for publication.  Not only that, but Amazon delivered it, at no extra charge, on Monday!  That constitutes, basically, two-day shipping for the price of 7-10 day shipping.  When does THAT ever happen?

Also for instance ... I didn't participate in the April swap among my group of swap pals at Ravelry.  I guess I wasn't feeling all that creative.  But, impulsively, I signed up for May's swap, and it turned out that I am paired up with one of my California customers, which is just nifty and fun at the same time.  We are working with a "favorite flowers" theme this month, and after a few convos with my new partner, I feel a new colorway coming on! 

And then yesterday, I was invited to participate as a dyer-of-record in a new e-zine about fiber, dying, crafting with yarn, etc.  The magazine is called "The White Line" and they sent me the first fledgling issue yesterday.  I think it has great promise, so participate I will!  If you are interested, here's the contact:

Teri Sabah <>

Teri and her pals are West Coast dyers who own Pico Accuardi Dye Works in Oregon.  This comes just as I've decided to cancel various monthly advertising subscriptions to various websites that haven't turned out to be quite as much of a new-customer draw as they promised.  Actually, I don't think they've drawn in any new customers.  Another e-zine that I advertised in, which also, incidentally invited me to submit a yet unpublished pattern and then snubbed me because the original picture wasn't of the design done in handspun, didn't turn out to be all that prosperous of an investment in advertising; but I think that the intentions of the editors of "The White Line" are a little less self-serving and yarningly superior and are much more down-to-earth, which is where I try to reside most of the time.

What kind of a blogger would I be if I didn't give you a little WIP update on at least one project?  Here's the Autumn Leaves Beret so far.  Gotten through the initial "ribbing" and working into the pattern--about halfway through the first diamond, I think.  I'm in love with this new colorway!  I think I've mentioned that before.  I thought the purples would be eclipsed by all of the grey; but they definitely stand out with an identity of their own.  The picture doesn't do the color justice; but it's hot and threatening to rain, and I can't seem to get the light just right.  P.S.  The hat is upside down in the picture because I put it over the yarn bell for the picture.

And now, off to grade papers ... okay, let's be real.  I mean to veg on the back porch.


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