January 05, 2011

WIP: A few things coming along

It's Wednesday already?  My Christmas vacation is almost over and I am scrambling to get these last few projects on the list finished.  Of course, I had to throw in a new one that was absolutely not on the list, a little handspun cowl for myself.

So Scout 2's gloves are coming along nicely--hope to be done with this first one tonight.

And then the cowl needs about 20 more yards, I think, so it's back to the spinning wheel.  I was surprised to find that, over the summer, I had spun over 200 yards of tussah silk on my little drop spindle, and it turns out that it gives just the right amount of pizazz to the black cherry (hand dyed by me, of course) Romney wool that I spun super thick and thin.

Yesterday, I had a dying day.  I thought that I would get a leg up on my dying for the Etsy shop for January and just do it mostly all in one day.  It took me all day, but I have a bunch of very unique and lovely skeins to add to the shop through the next few weeks.  Two went in today:  Autumn Spice (2 skeins of 150 yds of Australian superwash merino) and Sea Turtle (220 yards of silk/merino).  You should check them out.  I'm also, tomorrow, going to be adding some small skeins of Australian superwash merino in red raspberry, cobalt, kelly, pumpkin, licorice, and strawberry.  Australian superwash merino is actually a heavy 2-ply lace weight, suitable for intarsia, fair isle, or little color projects.  You'll have to visit often to see what is new at Zibeline Knits.


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