January 06, 2011

Speed Knitting--And I thought I was fast!

There are probably just about as many knitting techniques as there are countries in which there are knitters.  I find that most of the people who have told me that they tried knitting but didn't like it say they didn't like it because it is a slower process than crocheting.  Well, I have to argue, since I knit pretty fast compared to most knitters whom I know.  And, I do it like the lady in the video you really need to watch (borrowed from Knit Picks on Youtube), especially if, like me, you think you are pretty good at this knitting thing.  Although we knit alike, there's no connection between this chick and my own knitting experience.  But, dang!

And what's even better than that video?  Watching this same chick try to teach men to speed knit!  If you are a man who knits and is following my blog, please don't be offended.  

Now, everyone get to practicing!


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