January 12, 2011

WIP and a few FOs

I would like to begin with a great big THANK YOU! to Mother Nature, without whom I would not STILL be enjoying Christmas vacation!!!!!!  We are officially 2 days shy of being out of school for an entire month!!  Oh yeah, love that ice and snow in Georgia!!!

With that said, the big WIP is my Groovy socks. These are knit up so far as the beginning of the heel, which I am going to start as soon as I finish posting for today.  I've also been fiddling with my Elegy gloves thumb design--I have knit up and torn out enough to decide to just leave well enough alone.

Have I mentioned that Knit Picks has approved another pattern of mine?  Yep.  This one is The Sportsman--a men's glove for a decidedly limited world of men's glove patterns.  I have knit through the large and the small.  I'm waiting on that awesome thing known as Knit Picks "Yarn Support" to show up in the mail to knit the medium and an extra-large.  The absence of the mailman over the past few days has been the only draw-back to extra Christmas vacation.  So, here's a picture of the small--modeled by Scout 2:

And a picture of the large, modeled by Scout 1:

Rocket now wants me to make her a pair in turquoise--a very odd color choice for the princess of pink and purple--but, alas, I have no turquoise.  Darn, I'm going to have to order more yarn.  (wink, wink)

And if this isn't enough great news, I have also been approved as a designer for The Knitting Vault, and a few of my patterns are now available there.

Okay, well in case this is the last day of vacation, there is knitting to be done!  So, I'm off.  Here's to hoping that this WIP post will not be visited by the 7 Indian escort services that left me unwanted comments last week and that the spam blocker is working today.


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