March 03, 2015

Sew Craftier Than Usual: New Project Bags

I'm not a frequent visitor to Youtube.  In fact, I rarely use it except to remind myself of some knitting technique that I haven't practiced in a while.  However, as a consequence of the mystery of key words in the search box, I stumbled across a fantastic site and learned to make a new type of knitting bag.  Of course, I say "knitting", but the lovely lady who shared her method for making this bag said "project" and "crochet".  Regardless, I'd like you to meet my new project bags.

These are one piece, (13" x 11" x 4") which is pretty cool because I am not a fan of the buttonhole attachment on my sewing machine and sewing snaps are tedious.  They have a cute little front pocket that happens to be just the right size for a notions bag/box (I like coin purses and Altoid-type boxes, myself), and emergency repair crochet hook, and a pair of magnifying glasses.  The interior, which is fully lined, is large enough to hold my center-pull ball plus and entire 6ft crescent shawl (green one) ---yes, I'm still working on that vintage lace edging--or two small project bags which contain socks (red one), of course.  And since they have box pleats on the bottom, the square bottom allows it to sit up by itself if I need to put it down.

The point of these bags is that I wanted a bag that I could use to carry my take-along projects and notions in the car or to knitting club without them ever having to sit on a dirty floor.  I'm sure you have one or two take-along projects that you like to take with you on a commute or to the dentist for a distraction while you wait for the kids to get their check-up or to keep in your desk at work for lunch knitting/crochet.

I whipped these up yesterday, and each took less than an hour to make from cutting to ironing to sewing to ironing again.  I used a solid canvas on the outside--didn't want to shell out for the expensive printed canvas for the first attempt in case I made a mess of things--and a quilting-quality cotton on the inside.  They are totally washable, though I don't think I would toss them in the dryer.  I have the suspicion that the heat of the dryer will fade the color of the canvas. I think they will be sturdy enough to last for quite some time to come.

Then, because the wave of sewing creativity was still washing over me, this afternoon I threw together this little notions-y zippered bag.  It measures 8.5" long (top) and 6" long (bottom).  The square ends measure 3.5" deep and it sits 4" high.  It's about the size of a make-up bag, I guess.  You may expect that no make-up will be going in this one.

One thing that I did notice about Youtube videos about making square-bottomed bags is that the tutorials are sloppy.  When you finish the bag, the inside is full of unfinished edges that really should be hidden by the lining.

I need to do a little tweaking to the sewing plan for the inside--it's only after you do it one way that you realize it would have been so much easier to do it another way--so the next bag will be a bit neater at the seams.  Like the other two bags, this one is made with canvas on the exterior and cotton quilting fabric on the interior.

I have an inkling to make them and sell them in my Zibbet shop, but I'm on the fence about it.  If you like them, let me know.  (You can see from this blog that I can be reached in myriad ways, not just blog comments, though those are welcomed, too).

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