March 12, 2015

New Diggs: Cedar Hill Farm Company's New Online Shop

I have been struggling, like anyone who doesn't have a web design degree, throughout my journey as an online entrepreneur with web design and creating an e-commerce site that is reasonable to generate and reasonably priced.  I think I've finally done it.

The thing is, selling my hand painted and hand dyed yarns and fibers on internet craft market sites has become, well, a dismal experience.  I enjoyed selling on Etsy and being part of that international community until they sold out to the Chinese for a larger profit margin and the chance for their stock holders to get rich quick.  I tried Artfire, but that was a bust.  I tried Zibbet.  That appears to be a bust. And all the while, I've been maintaining our farm website (Cedar Hill Farm Company) in addition to having to maintain a shop through someone else's e-commerce site.  I finally sucked it up and created my own e-commerce site through Shopify, so we'll just have to see how that goes.  Fingers are crossed.

So here is the information for the farm website (which is pretty great, by the way).  You can get to my yarns via the farm website at or via this address: . (That's my new shop's front page!)

The new shop is still in the start-up phase, so it may take me a week or so to input all of the listings. (You can shop immediately, though, if you like. The superwash yarns are ready to go!) Unfortunately, neither Etsy nor Zibbet were among the sites that you could upload a CSV from so I have to put each listing in one at a time.  Kind of a pain, but hopefully it's going to be worth it.

And here are all of the other particulars in case you want to bookmark this page or jot them down:

Instagram: @cedarhillfarmcompany
Twitter: @cedarhillfarmco
RAV ID: zibelineknits
Ravelry Shop: Cedar Hill Farm Company or Keya Kuhn
FB: Cedar Hill Farm Company
Tumblr: knittingstash
Craftsy Shop: Keya Kuhn

The down side ... now I have to order new business cards.  I think it must be much cheaper easier to run an online business if you've been to marketing school--probably fewer hindsight issues, if you know what I mean.


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