July 10, 2012

A very good day!

Once in a while, I have a really good day in terms of accomplishing much more than I had expected.  I finished all four of the samples for my knitting class on Wednesday a day earlier than I planned.  I did a bit of spinning on some merino that will ultimately be sock yarn. To add to the 7 quarts of spaghetti sauce and 3 pints of tomato paste that I canned last week, today I canned 3 quarts of tomatoes and I canned 4 pints of green tomato relish--not really chow-chow because it's not chunky, but something like chow-chow and so tasty I could just sit down and eat a jar by itself.

I made apple crisp. 

I beat a very confident Rocket at Parcheesi by one point. (Ha ha!)

I took delivery of the strangest FedEx package that I have ever recieved, which was two live Maine lobsters, and shortly Honey is going to cook them up for dinner. 

I even knit a few rows on the socks.  Very good day!


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