July 26, 2012

Took a little trip ...

Honey and I took a little trip to Las Vegas for the honeymoon we never had this past week.  It was great fun to be away from home, just the two of us!  Of course, no vacation would be complete without a trip to a LYS, and I found one:  Gail Knits.  It looked like a quick trip by public transportation from our hotel to the shop, but looks were deceiving--it became about a 4-hour investment of our time! (Las Vegas is not very commuter-friendly, I'm afraid.) It was also a little difficult to shop for yarn in 98 degree F. heat. 

If anyone ever tells you that the desert heat of Nevada is barely noticeable because it is a "dry heat", you should immediately imagine yourself having been stuffed inside your kitchen oven to be baked at a "dry heat" of, say, 450 degrees F.  It was just plain ugly hot in that desert!

Anyway, many beautiful skeins made it difficult to decide, and Honey patiently waited and waited. He chatted up the ladies who were working on baby items, table-side, while I finally elected to go with these:

I am sure that it was fate that I went to this yarn shop because I have been wanting to knit up a pair of those "Burning Stripes" socks by Susan Luni for about a year now, but I have had the darndest time finding Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball in complimentary colorways that I like--plus the online prices haven't been too friendly. I finally printed out the pattern right before the trip with the resolution that when I returned from Vegas, I was going to find the yarn for this pattern, regardless of obstacles. At the Vegas shop, however, Marks and Kattens Fame Trend caught my eye, and I think that will work out as the perfect substitute. There will be Burning Stripes socks for me!

I love vacations with yarn shops included!


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