July 13, 2012

Decisions, decisions ...

I declared today to be a work day.  Since 5 a.m. this morning (that was NOT a voluntary wake-up time, that was a two-new-puppies-were-ready-to-go-outside time), I have been working on the last test knit for Hiker Chick.  The day has gone well.  I have knit the heel panels, turned the heels, done the dreaded gussets, and am now on my way to a completed foot.

Every now and then I get a text from a former student.  It's been a while since students texted me since school is out for the summer, so I was surprised when I was texted this afternoon by a former student who had just heard that I wasn't coming back next year and was texting me to find out if that rumor was true.  After a few "you were one of my favorite teacher" pleasantries and his thanking me for having been such a great teacher, he asked:  "Are you okay with not being a teacher at _________ anymore?"

Let's pause for a moment as we take in a few views of my afternoon "office" on this work day while we contemplate my reply.

Here's the view from my chair beneath the umbrella on the deck while I sipped my iced coffee and listened to Blues Traveler and Eric Clapton ...


Here are my work day efforts in full swing ...

(Yes, my green polish does incidentally match the green in the socks!)  And look, I'm in the home stretch on these socks!

Now, does anyone out there REALLY think I will regret having this office over my old, dark, sometimes heated, sometimes air conditioned, rarely cleaned, overcrowded classroom with the broken blinds, book shelves glued to the floor with wax, and broken filing cabinets?  Hmmmm.  


  1. Haha! You're killin' me, here! I cannot wait to write a post like this one of my own! Never mind the grimy floors, you won't miss the pita kids, and you know it! :D Enjoy.

  2. PITA kids...what about the parents? And the packing and unpacking every year!


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