January 24, 2012

Knit-Along: Brambles Beret

Although Mother Nature has lost her mind this winter, and my Jonquils began blooming last weekend and the hyacinths are budding, and the forsythia is about to burst with tiny spring flowers, I've been thinking that I am in need of a new hat.  The Autumn Vines beret that I made last fall is nice, but I'm ready to add to my collection of knitted accessories.  With that said, my pal Leslie and I have decided to do our own knit-along of the Brambles Beret by Amanda Muscha, which was featured in the Knitty.com "Deep Fall 2010" pattern line-up.  It's cute, comes in multiple sizes, doesn't require a ton of yarn, AND has cute cables.  Not to mention that it's the perfect opportunity for me to show off my newest yarn line:  Shades O' Sheep.  I'm going to be using a skein of my Hemlock for this endeavor.  Looks like this:
Hemlock is 100% all-natural Spanish Merino from the verdant Castillian valleys kettle-dyed in rusty and woodsy browns and pale olive.  (Want a skein?  Visit my shop!) This squishy skein of yarn goodness is going to be put to the test and, hopefully, I will end up with something that looks like the intended pattern.  Updates with pictures are forthcoming.  If you would like to knit along with Leslie and I, feel free!  Leave a note to let me know that you are in.  If you email me a picture of your progress, I'll put in up with the pictures of our progress. Until then, happy knitting to you!


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