January 30, 2012

KAL update

The project begins and makes its way to the half-way point.

I was so enamored of the cute petal-like cable pattern of the beret pattern that it somehow escaped my attention that the first twelve rows were going to be obnoxiously tedious 1x1 rib.  I don't like tedious patterns, even if they turn out nicely in the end. But, as luck would have it, the second row after the ribbing begins the end of tediousness and the beginning of counting EVERY stitch. Be careful what you wish for, right?

So I've knit to the end of the first of two charts: the "body" of the hat, and Leslie reports that she has the ribbing accomplished and that I have successfully taught her to cable as she makes her way through the first chart.  We both got permission from our honeys to go to knitting club on Saturday--haven't been in a month, it seems.  Leslie, our good friend Meredith, and I hung out at Leslie's house on Saturday morning to get serious about this KAL project.  Although knitting got done, as is usually the case, I discovered later that I had missed one line of instructions before beginning the body and that I had to rip out everything that I had done for the first 1/3 of the body chart.  I made up for it on Sunday since Sunday was the big 4-0 for me and the birthday girl deserved some knitting time, and am now on my way to the home stretch.  This little number could be finished by the weekend at this rate.

I did discover, just in case anyone else wants to knit this pretty pattern, that the yardage, gauge, yarn type info. for the size large is incorrect.  It seems that the small size was copied and pasted as the info. for the large size.  If you are going to knit the large size, I would recommend that you allow for at least 268 yards.  I also discovered that one of the lines in the pattern suggests that the chart for the body of the hat will be knit through 8 times--not so!  You would have a nightcap instead of a beret if you did that!  I'm going to guess that I am only supposed to knit through that part of the pattern once from the pictures of the finished product and see how that goes.


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