June 17, 2011

Friday FO: Autumn Vines Beret

Ever start a project that was the wrong project for the time in your life?  And then you just dreaded working on it until it became an "I have to finish this or else!" kind of torment?  Meet my Autumn Vines Beret.  Although I did hit on a new colorway in the preparation for the knitting of it, it wasn't what I wanted to knit and I shouldn't have started it when I did (April, was it?)  It turned out to be one of those cabling projects that you just can't take with you, that you have to work on sitting at the kitchen table, that you need absolute silence to focus on the pattern repeats ... one of those kinds of projects.  There isn't a single difficult stitch in this whole pattern.  I didn't have any trouble knitting it, actually.  I think that the rule should be that if you are exasperated with the project before you hit 3 inches of fabric completion, it's time to frog.  But it's done. 

I've stretched and stretched this one-size-fits-all number, but it's still a bit small for my head--looks more like a bathing cap (remember THOSE when you were a kid with long hair!) than a beret on my head.  I don't even have a big head.  It fits Rocket's 7 year-old head perfectly, which makes me think, although politically incorrectly, that the woman in the photo for the pattern is a dwarf.  So, here's the results of its one and only photo shoot:

P.S.  I made a light box for myself and boy do those pictures look snazzy, huh?

P.P.S.  As you can see in the last photo, this beret doubles as a bowl ... a bowl I could put yarn in ... hmmm.


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