January 21, 2015

To the elbows

I am nearing completion of a sweater that I have been working up for about three months.  The sleeves are nearly finished and this brings me to a realization about my own knitting.  I rarely knit sweaters, though I have drawings and charts on my bulletin board waiting to be realized and I have a gazillion--wait, maybe that's too much of an under-estimation--sweater patterns printed and in binders, plus a library of magazines and books, and let's not forget my Revelry library ... The point is, I LOVE SWEATERS!! I pine all through the warm months for sweater weather, and when it gets here, I have no new hand knits to show for it.  Oh, I have sweaters on needles in bags in hibernation that I have started and abandoned. I have a few hand knits in the closet, even if they became sweater accidents and felted to a size too small for me to wear, but there are very few.

So, why is that Captain Ron?

It's the sleeves.  I can work up a back and 2 fronts in a jiffy, but once my needles and I get to the sleeves, things go South pretty quickly.  It's knitting like mad to the elbows and then I've had enough and I need a new project.  And guess what?  I've knit to the elbows on this sweater and I'm already thinking about how I should maybe cast on for something else, even though this test knit is all that is standing in the way of publishing my new sweater pattern (and it's fabulous, by the way!). I've even been knitting the sleeves 2-at-a-time on the premise that when one's done, so is the other and there won't be a chance for second-sleeve syndrome to set in.  It's not working. I'm not really working on these sleeves and thinking "Wow!  Look how fast these TWO sleeves are knitting up!"  I'm thinking "Wow!  This is really getting cumbersome."

So I'm at the elbows and I guess we'll see just how much further this goes. With any luck, I'll make it to the collar by the end of the week.

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