January 02, 2015

Knitterly Resolutions in the Year of the Sheep

As we ease into 2015 (I say "ease", but my mind was so ready for a new year that I was incorrectly dating checks in November), there must be pause to decide whether or not one is actually going to make resolutions.  I think that for a personality type like mine, that's an automatic given, as my day begins with a list of "resolutions" before I've even had my first cup of coffee.  I've decided that I'm more or less going to just let the cookies crumble as they will this year in the general resolutions of life category.

This is the Year of the Sheep, and that HAS to mean that all things wool will work out amazingly well--at least that's my interpretation and I'm sticking to it!  In the spirit of making improvements in one's life, however, I've decided to stick with my annual knitting resolutions list. Each year, I find it useful to compile a list of projects on my radar that I want to either finish or begin during the new year.  For 2015, the list is so far thus:

1. Finish the top secret cardigan design I've been working up and publish it.
2. Finish at least 6 pair of socks for myself (stash already accumulated for this purpose--friends and family were VERY good to me this year in the sock yarn category).
3. Rip out a vest project and find a new project for that yarn, which I love very much, just not as a vest.
4. A fair isle sweater or something must be knit with my stashed Jamison & Smith jumper weight (probably Cockatoo Brae by Kate Davies)!
5. Finish the 2 cabled sweaters already on the needles BEFORE winter ends.
6. Work up 2 or 3 baby sweaters for an April arrival in the extended family.
7. Finish the Tunisian entrelac blankets that I started in 2014 (though one may end up being a knitted blanket, as all things crochet seem to aggravate my arthritis).
8. Work up a few puppy blankets for charity donation (visit Blankies for Animals RAV group for info if you are interested).
9. Finish my grey Everdene Wrap.
10. Finish my Nairi scarf.
11. Get the secret summer-weight cabled short-sleeve sweater published.

Most of my list appears to be labeled "finish".  I began a seriously insane number of projects in 2014, and somehow just couldn't find the time to get them all finished.  You know how that goes. For me, 2014 was the year of starts and stops.

2015 is off to a pretty great start and, even though I am not 100% enamored of the Sweet Georgia colorway that I cast on for my first pair of socks in 2015, I am putting my nose to the grindstone on this one and forging ahead.  (Truly, "Rusted" should have been named "Mud Puddle".  There's really nothing rusting in this colorway at all.)

And the crescent shawl is coming along.  The body is finished and I'm on to the knit-on lace edging.  It was a good idea at the time, to knit on the edging and create a new pattern instead of just trying to amend a much larger version of the pattern that I was following to make the prescribed straight-knit lace edging work. But on Day 2 of the edging, with only 4 pattern repeats finished and about 300 stitches yet to pick up before I can do the ol' bind off, it seems like I've bitten off a rather large piece here.  (Scout #2 took that picture--he's developing an interest in photography as of late.)

So, in these first few days of the new year, it's going to be farm as usual around here with as much knitting thrown in as possible.

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