November 07, 2014

A Week of FOs: Handspun & More Gloves

This little number has been sitting on my Kromski wheel for about 6 weeks, waiting patiently to be concluded.

Originally, this was a batt of fuchsia Corriedale and a batt of teal Corriedale. I blended them together in an even quantity, and voila! The most amazing, iridescent fingering weight handspan ever!  There's something special about this handspun.  I mean, depending on the light, it's pink or teal or lilac or a funky combination of all three at once.  The fiber has a great crimp to it and a sheen that makes this hank just sort of glow in the light.

I usually dry my hand spun yarn with a weight to draw out the crimp in the yarn from too much twist or too much crimp in the fiber, but the weather has been odd, and I have been recovering from my first respiratory virus of the season, and, well, I kinda just let it hang over the towel bar to dry.
I am thinking that this one will not have a shop debut and stay in my own stash.  I am thinking that it wants to be a crescent shawl ... It wants to be some kind of lacey something, that I know for sure!

But wait!  There's one last FO for the week:  my own pair of Sportswoman gloves.  This pair was started about ... 2 years ago maybe?  I actually just happened to find this mostly finished pair in a bag that was stuffed underneath another, much bigger project in flux in a much bigger bag yesterday.  The yarn is Mission Sock in the Blackberry Smoothie color way, which I haven't had since we bought the farm, so I know it's been a good while that these have been hibernating!

And by the time the kids got off the bus yesterday, this pair was finished and out feeding the sheep! (That's Stella in the foreground and Blanche in the background.)

And so ends my week of FOs.  What a fantastically productive week!  Although I do still have 4 sweaters and a wrap that would also like to be FOs, it's a great feeling to have so many projects out of hibernation and finished. It's crazy how many needles I now have available for new projects!


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