November 06, 2014

A Week of FOs: Cuffs & Gloves

I have two more FOs to report this morning as part of my quest to eliminate the stash of unfinished projects that have been hiding in closets and bags all year.

The boot cuffs, though I haven't yet moved on to the accompanying pair of fingerless gloves, are finished and I have been wearing them with my muck boots, which used to be the color of this yarn but have had a turn or two in the mud (clay) and grass.

I think I sensed a bit of jealousy this morning when we were feeding horses and sheep from my Honey because he doesn't have any boot cuffs for his muck boots.  I didn't know that was a guy thing.

And speaking of feeding the horses this morning, Rusty was kind enough to pose for about 3 milliseconds to get a picture of Honey's new gloves, which began the week, having sat in hibernation since, I think, last December, like this:

And ended the week like this:

And so, with one more day to go on the FOs list, it looks like there might be a new hank of handspan in the stash.  You'll have to check back tomorrow. Happy knitting!

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