May 19, 2014

New Stuff

Who likes yarn?  Anybody?

I like yarn.  Sometimes I think I like yarn a little too much to be considered sane, and my husband and children OFTEN think I like it too much to be considered sane, but I am addicted, especially becauseI can do this:

Van Gogh (Rocket Sock Medium)

and this:
Salt Marsh (Rocket Sock)
and this:

Tango (Gypsy)
and this:

Queen of Hearts (Gypsy)
and this:

Mad Hatter (Rocket Sock)

and this:

Sun Spots (Rocket Sock)
and I can make things with it like this little gem that I am working on right now (yarn is East Street in Lichen). This is the Nairi pattern by Amanda Muscha.

It's a side-ways knit triangular shawl.  The pattern is so simple that I often get to thinking about other things and deviate from the pattern and have to rip back.  I don't know what it is about this pattern, but if my mind begins to wander, I tend to reverse the order of the 2 whole rows that I have to repeat 75 times and the next thing you know it's backward.  This has been my go-to doctor's appointment take-along project in the last 6 weeks.  It doesn't look like I've made much progress, though there have been an extra-ordinary amount of doctor's appointments for this family in that period of time.  Really, just look at it and imagine it with about 25 more rows than it actually has because I got to repeat #49 and had to rip back 25 rows because, well, obviously I had a moment of distraction and knit a few rows backward.

This hank, which has been wound into 2 center-pull balls, was inspired by my 10 year-old, and is called Pop Star.

Pop Star (Rocket Sock)
It is on it's way to becoming a pair of boot socks for her.  That is, just as soon as I can will myself to cast on because I've been working on the same pair of socks for my husband--I wish I had known that I actually married Mr. Pitt from Seinfeld before I volunteered to make socks for him--since about February.  I've re-knit the feet 7 times.

Re-knit #7
A few weeks ago, I knit the first heel, and it turns out that he would like that to be about an inch smaller, which makes me ever so proud of myself that I put in that life line just in case that he would very predictably tell me that the fit wasn't what he had in mind.  So they've just kind of been sitting there, making me hate them and all sock knitting in general, since April.  There should be no question that, on the off chance that I ever finish this pair of socks, there will NEVER be another pair of socks for my husband on my needles.

So if you are drooling over these bits of yarn, you'll find it in my Etsy shop.  You should drop in, virtually, of course.

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