May 29, 2014

In Knitting News ...

May has been a cycle of lace knitting.  It's almost over and I still have a bit to do.  It's lace submission time for the 2015 ebook, pattern book, and magazine Spring editions, you know, and I've been quite inspired.

So, let's start with a Hooray! because was notified last week, after a particularly trying day, that I will have a lacey little number in the Knit Picks 2015 Spring Accessories Collection (ebook and published), and that absolutely thrills me!  Of course, all I can say is that it is an accessory and that it is lacey. No pics allowed until after publication. It wasn't originally knit with Knit Picks yarn, so the second run-through for me will be an interesting shift from silk/wool to superwash fingering.  The Knit Picks label Hawthorne, their new "hand paint" sock yarn is the company's choice for this pattern.  Works for me.  I get a nice little royalty and free yarn.  It's a win-win in my book!

And then I am also working on another project that I can only offer a peek of and it is a lacey cardigan.

I've elected to give this one just enough Estonian lace to make it interesting but not too difficult for the average Jane to knit.  I'm working this one up in a fingering cotton.  I still have 2 weeks to the deadline, which is great because, for the last 24 hours, I've been on the fence about whether or not to tear the yoke back about 6 inches to fix the extra row I knit into the chart when I tried--apparently a bit unsuccessfully--to fix the unraveled mess that a certain beagle made of it at some point in the middle of the night.  Bella, the culprit, is willing to sleep on top of whatever is in the way of her curling up in my knitting chair, and if that means unraveling an entire chart repeat, well she's fine with that. (sigh)  But I can't just let an error that is quite obvious to me just sit there for all the world to see, so the dilemma is really (because my knitting conscience was going to make me rip it anyway) whether to just rip the knit section back and try to re-work it with the existing yoke around it or rip the entire yoke back and make it easier on myself.

In sock news ... I finally sat down last night and ripped back the heel of Mr. Pitt's, I mean Honey's sock.  What I did was take it back to a 12-stitches-remaining short row heel instead of the prescribed 4-stitches-remaining short row heel, and then I started the partridge stitch heel flap/gussets.  It actually turned out better in two ways:  the heel doesn't have this funky bulge where it turns for the flap and the slip 1, knit 1 pattern of the flap actually comes out evenly on every row, which it was not when I followed the pattern due to extra stitches that alternated from side-to-side somehow.  I've completely re-knit the heel and now it'll be try-on time when Honey gets back from his business trip tomorrow. I tried the sock on, myself, and it fits my skinny heel, so surely it will fit his size 11 man heel.

And just one last thing.  About a month ago, I snagged a sweater's worth of Lopi Lettlopi Icelandic Wool for a steal.  It's been sitting there, thinking about what kind of cabled masterpiece it wants to become, and then yesterday I saw it!  A man's sweater though it may be, I am in LOVE with the Drops Kildare pattern.  IN LOVE.

Rocket said, in her best you-are-so-weird-mother! tone: "Mom, you are not a man.  You can't wear a man's sweater." Pshaw!  I checked and it turns out that the small size is exactly the size I knit for my bust size so there we have it. Maybe I get a stunning sweater and no one gets knitted Christmas gifts this year, but that is a sacrifice that I might just have to make. The only drawback is that it is designed by Drops.  They have a whole different system of measurement in Scandinavia, and the last men's sweater that I tried to knit not only had a considerable amount of mathematical mistakes, but it called for about 1000 yards less yarn that was actually needed and I ended up frogging the whole darned thing because I couldn't get more yarn in the dye lot.  But this one is published in the latest edition of the British magazine, The Knitter, so maybe it will all work out correctly.  By the by, this is the only knitting magazine to which I actually subscribe.

Well, now it seems the humidity has finally dropped below the 90% mark, so it's off to chores and gardening (and thinking the entire time about how much I would rather be knitting!). 

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