March 07, 2014


I'm also a bit too restless to make much progress on this Pi Shawl. 

Truth be told, it really should have been done by now; but after realizing that the edging involved 1,192 rows of knitting, the wind went out of my sails just a tad bit. I've been chiseling away at the border edging for the last two weeks, but I'm not even half-way around the damned thing.  I would like to be wearing it already.

I've also been fussing about the weird weather that always begins March. Between the Spring afternoon temps and the freezing early morning temps, plus the onset of blooming vetch and dandelions and plum trees, my sinuses are in a constant state of misery.  I feel like I have brain freeze 24-7.  On a farm, February is kind of a waste of a month.  It's too cold to start planting, even with our little green house because the overnight temps are still so frosty, it's too windy to feel like you can work outside constructing new structures or fences without getting frostbite on your ears or your eyes watering to blindness, and it's too cold for knitting on the porch.  March is, however, sunny and warms into the 60s but then drops down to freezing at night, and you never can tell if you've planted too early or too late until April arrives.  The chickens are fussy, too; some are laying, some are on strike.  The rabbits are burrowing into their straw to hide from the wind that never stops blowing.  The dogs are restless all night long, like they sense the coming of a storm.  Maybe they are just in tune to the restlessness of the coyotes and fox in the woods.  I'm restless about being inside so much and the future of my greenhouse seedlings and what's next for knitting and all the work that needs warmer weather to get done around here.  I have a laundry list of knitting projects to start and to finish, but none of them feels like the right fit right now.  It's right next to the list of spring cleaning that needs to get done, but which I just don't feel like getting around to doing yet.  It's that whole "waiting for Spring" thing, I guess.

I've been so restless these past two weeks that I've started cleaning out both the fiber and the yarn stash.  All of those trash bags bursting with projects remnants … either the tangles are being wound into little yarn cakes or they are going into the trash.  Acrylic leftovers, especially, unless it's mostly wool with just a smidge of acrylic or I can use it for charity knitting, are hitting the trash can hard. I've even organized the storage drawers according to weight and new vs. used hanks.  I'm down to a pile of acrylic on the office that needs to be wound for the knitting squares charity project that my knitting/crocheting club, Hooks & Needles, is doing or just trashed altogether, two considerably sized plastic bins--thought those are mostly organized already with everything bagged and tagged--and two trash bags of chunky acrylic that are materials for those super cute headwraps that I knit and sell in my Etsy shop. I should probably make it a point to knit more so as to free up some storage space in the ol' closet under the stairs.  I'm on the fence about the crate of yarn that I used to use to teach knitting classes at the Monroe Art Guild. It may become a charitable donation to a church knitting group, as I don't foresee a whole lot of time in the coming year for teaching local knitting classes, and it, too, is acrylic.  Yes, of course, I am saving sock yarn remanants for the Beekeeper's Quilt.

As for the fiber … I have plans to store it by type this week.  This would be about the first time ever that I didn't just stuff it into a box and worry about finding it again later.  I'm always surprised by how much raw fiber I actually have and I am always surprised at how little spinning of it that I do. Maybe spinning is what I should do for a while and give the knitting a rest.


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