March 13, 2014

FO: Pi Shawl

Although the edging just about did me in, and caused me to use one more hank than I had intended for this project, my first Pi Shawl is finished.  I say "first" because, well, I already had a semi-circle lace shawl near design completion when I began this and it is, well, technically a lacey half-Pi.  But this one was quick to knit, right up to the edging that I think took me about 3 weeks to complete for the simple tedium of it--that's about equal to how long the entire body took to knit, I believe.  You have to watch out for that knit-on edging with this pattern!  The flip side is, since I knit it on, there was no additional tedium of sewing the edging to the shawl which, in all honesty, would probably have made this one of those "hibernating" type projects.

I elected to do a simple openwork lattice lace edging that turned out to be 3.5 inches, unblocked.  I didn't block the edging because I blocked the body of the shawl so that the edges made sort of an arch pattern all the way around.  This method, I think, has contributed to more of a ruffled look to the edge of the shawl, which I like very much.

It wears fabulously!

Total yardage for this project was about 1,000 yards and the finished diameter was about 54 inches, blocked.  For those of you who don't know about the dynamics of the Pi Shawl, this giant circle of fabric is folded in half for the purpose of wearing.  As a matter of a fact, this morning is sooooo much colder than expected (how did we go from 80 degrees F. 36 hours ago to 35 degrees F. this morning?!?) that I think I might wear it around today.

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