November 07, 2013

New Friends to Knit With

Seems like it's been ages since I've enjoyed the company of fellow knitters and crocheters in a weekly gathering. When we moved to Commerce, I had to bid good-bye completely to the friends at Covington Knitters because the drive was too lengthy for a Saturday morning hang-out session.  I've barely been able to attend to knit with my Yarn Over friends in Monroe (that's the name of our Ravelry group and local club) because of distance and conflicting schedules. An angel must have been eavesdropping on my thoughts when I wished that I could find a group to join in Commerce and then literally minutes later saw a notice on the library marquis for Hooks & Needles, which meets at 10:30 on Monday mornings.  A week later I found myself amid a fun, welcoming group of crafters of all ages.  This week's attendance was so plentiful that, for a while there, every few minutes we were having to bring in another table to accommodate everyone.  I'm very excited to have joined such a great group of ladies!  They have a FB page, if you are in my area and want to look them up: Hooks & Needles.  As a matter of a fact, when I went to the page to get the link for you, I discovered that Whitney had snuck a photo of this week's Monday get-together and there I am, over on the left.

It was nice to show up for only my second meeting to find that the ladies still remembered my name. I am always so self-conscious about meeting new people, especially a room full of them, and it never helps that I can't remember the names of others right off the bat.  My former students and colleagues wouldn't believe this, but I'm rather shy around groups of strangers.  What makes this group additionally great is that many of the women are both avid crocheters and avid knitters with a wide range of experience, but they help the newbies without a second thought and with absolute patient attention.  I've known many a veteran who has been less than patient with the novice knitter or crocheter, that's for sure.  Stories of their off-color behavior have become legendary among my close friends, often involving hilarious re-enactments when remembered. (I know, that's really caddy.)

During this week's meeting, I was pleased to introduce someone who had never knit a stitch to the art of knitting.  By the time we left the library, she had the knit stitch down and was still excited about the experience. If you've ever taught someone to knit, you know that's sometimes not the case. I hope that she practices this week, as I've promised to teach her the purl stitch next week.  There just may be a dish cloth in her future, yet!  It's true what they say about knitting … everyone learns from a sister or a girlfriend.

This week was also this knitting of my last FO for myself, I fear, before Christmas.  I started this pair of Urbanista fingerless gloves on Sunday at the Royal Alpaca Challenge, brought it to knitting club on Monday, and finally worked the thumbs last night, giving me a new pair of fingerless gloves in Hound, a variation of the Flock 225 colorway.  I expect to have it available next week in my Rocket Sock Medium line.  I'm always a fan of a good spiral stripe!

I love making new friends through knitting, don't you?

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