November 11, 2013

Let the Christmas knitting begin!

Here's an interesting and somewhat ironic tidbit to begin this post:  I'm beginning my slew of Christmas knitting projects and my studio is simultaneously being INVADED by lady bugs. It's November; we've had a string of 72 degrees and sunny days lately.  The chickens and the dogs aren't sure whether to bulk up or shed.  The cherry trees are in bloom but the hardwoods have lost almost all of their leaves. Does any of this seem a bit off?  So does my relationship with anything fiber related today.  Can't get in the groove today, so you get a new post to read.

First, second, third, and fourth up:  socks.  Fifth, gloves. The next four weeks are going to be a sock-knitting frenzy, and I think my best plan is going to be to work on two projects at once.  The last time I did that, I finished two pair at relatively the same time and it seemed that I knitted through them a bit faster having another pair to work on when I grew bored with the one in hand. I'll be updating and showing off my progress, but I won't tell who the socks and gloves are for (so you can just keep hoping that it's you, right?).

I cast on this pair last Friday.  I'm about four inches into them in the pictures.  My knitting model … that's Mittens.  She was just checking to see if I needed any help ripping back. She's big on ripping back whether it's needed or not.


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