October 29, 2013

FO: Skywalker Semi-circular Shawl

This little number has been finished for a few weeks now, but I've been hanging on to it until my mama's birthday.  This is my modified version of Laura Nelkin's Skywalker.

Months and months ago, my mama gave me a few skeins of Miansuoxi Mountain Goat Mink/Cashmere because it was a much lighter weight than she had thought it would be (one in a petal pink and one in this racy Christmas-y red).  My mama is a lover of all things red, so I knew that I was going to have to do something with the red skein for her.

This shawl was a pretty simply pattern to knit, but I did make one considerable change to the pattern.  In the pattern, there are two separate sections that use what is referred to as the "plasma stitch".  Knitters know this stitch as the Seafoam Stitch.  

Unfortunately, after knitting it and tearing it out multiple times, I realized that the yarn that I was using was just not meant to knit this pattern stitch.  It looked too wonky and uneven--a silkier yarn  would have worked better to stretch out the dropped stitches, but not cashmere/mink.  So, to combat this dilemma, I chose a pattern stitch to replace the number of rows that would be used up by these two sections and knit those rows with a mirrored totem pole stitch.  

Because this took up the total number or rows for two non-adjacent sections, this change really altered the look of the shawl, though I think it looks better than the original design, myself. In my version, there is one less patterned section, but the stitch count came out just fine and I just cruised to the end of the last section.  This pattern then required me to knit on instead of graft on a border. The entirety of the body of the shawl took me a week to knit. The edging, itself, took another week.  It was a fiddly repeat of about 4-12 stitches, depending on the row and it just seemed to go on, and on, and on …

I've given this shawl to my mother for her birthday, though I expect that she will wear it more like a scarf or a cowl than an over-the-shoulder shawl. It will be a perfect accessory for the holiday season, I think.

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