October 31, 2013

Carding Central

This week is all about getting ready for my next fiber show, the Royal Alpaca Challenge in Conyers, Georgia.  Although it isn't technically a "yarn" show, it's an opportunity for me to hang out with some pretty darned cute alpaca, eavesdrop on a class or two being held in the fiber room (where my booth will be located), chat with friends I haven't seen in ages, offer my wares to the public, and, of course, get in some extra knitting time!

Since I don't only dye yarn and design knitwear patterns, I have begun to take advantage of having an incredible group of local alpaca breeders from whom I can acquire entire blanket fleeces in a rainbow of colors pretty much any time I need them.  I didn't go to SAFF (Southeastern Animal and Fiber Fair) this year, which goes against what has become an annual trip for fleece.  Not going to SAFF hasn't actually impacted my fleece stash any, though.  The point is, I have several trash bags full of fluffy clouds of alpaca in my new studio that are just begging for someone to spin them into something magic.  So this week, it's been Carding Central around here.  The Royal Alpaca Challenge offers a spinners' circle and classes, and spinners at an alpaca show need alpaca to spin, so I've been drum carding some newly acquired fleece in dark grey, silver, and maroon.  Of course, I'll also bring some uncarded (but cleaned) maroon cria fleece in case anyone wants to card/blend it themselves. The batts are pretty lovely in all their natural and undyed glory. And even if you aren't joining the circle, well I will have plenty of alpaca and llama batts for you to take home to your own wheel.

Of course, you can also get alpaca from me via my Etsy shop just like what I'll be taking to the alpaca show.  If you are looking for something that you don't see in the shop, send me a message and I'll see what I can do for you.

I've also donated two hanks of hand painted fingering weight handspun (70% cria (baby) alpaca / 30% soy silk).  I've put off all of the housework the past few days, especially the folding of the laundry that lies in mounds throughout the house, and spun them on my Kromski Sonata because I always end up waiting until the last minute with these things. Having just finished them this morning, I dyed them with some bright but woodsy colors that are perfect for this late autumn season.

I hope they bring a good price, as the proceeds from the auction go to the Georgia Alpaca Association, which promotes the promotion and advancement of alpacas and alpaca breeders in Georgia through educational opportunities.  It's a good cause, especially since I have heard tell that at least one couple from Atlanta visited an alpaca farm recently and asked the farmer if the blue free-range hens eggs they saw in the grass had been laid by his alpaca. (No joke.) Of course, my two hanks of handspun aren't the only items up for auction. I'm on the fence about taking the triangle loom that I procured from this auction last year since I hear tell that there will be a triangular loom class this weekend during the festivities.  There also appears to be another 3-foot loom that has been donated for the auction.

Because there are other things on my mind this week besides the RAC,  here's a little preview of my upcoming blog giveaway, which I hope to host next week:

There will be a giveaway for at least one, but maybe two, printed copies of the new Knit Picks Bulky collection which features my Everdene wrap.

If you've already gotten your Knit Picks catalogue, that's my wrap on pg. 12.  (I'm still doing a happy dance!)  I'm waiting on the mailman to bring these copies, so probably next week I will be inviting everyone to enter.

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