July 09, 2013

Peasant KAL

When I suggested to my mom a few weeks back that we knit a shawl pattern together--me in Georgia, she in Florida--as a mother/daughter kind of thing, I was not thinking that this would lead to a contest to see which of us would garner the title of "queen".  I'm starting today, even though, having broken down and having relented to the uber responsible adult in my brain, I went to the doctor and now have two key knitting fingers in traction instead of just the one.  My mom, however, on the sly premise that she just wanted to do a little swatch (aka the first few inches of the pattern), cheated like mothers are wont to do and started last week. Hmmm.

When I called to give her the news about my highly disengaged doctor who threw some x-rays down in front of me and said "It's not really broken. There's a little fracture and a piece of bone that has broken off and is floating around, but I don't really know what your problem is …", she giggled with glee at the idea that she would be finished with the shawl first and be knitting queen.  Wow. (Truth be told, I'd do the same thing to my daughter if she ever got past telling people that knitting is only for old people and that I, apparently, am old.)  So, you know what that means?  That means IT'S ON, SISTER!  Two fingers in a velcro strap of nonsense or not, IT'S ON! (And I mean that in a very kind, loving, and adoring way, of course.)

P.S. That piece of velcro probably cost $400 … They didn't show me the bill because they want to mail it to me so that I will get a big surprise in my mailbox next week.

In case you are wondering which shawl pattern we are doing and would also like to play along, it's the Fiesta Peasant Shawlette DK.  My mother is using a silk thick-thin DK blend from her stash that I picked up for her from a hand-dyer at SAFF a few years ago.  I'm going to ramp it up a bit and go with a worsted tweed wool from Knit Picks and US 10.5 needles instead of the US 9s that the pattern recommends--I actually swatched to see what I like better, and I'm going to go with the looser gaug.  Since I'm planning to wear it to work around the farm, there's really no point in breaking out the good stuff from the stash for this one. Because I subscribe to Fiesta's newsletter, this pattern was free on a Thursday a few weeks back.  Sooooooo … That brings my project investment in this KAL to $23.73 (including shipping). That's why we knit, isn't it?  Because there's nowhere but a thrift store that you could find a 100% wool tweed hand-knit worsted weight shawl for less than $24.  I will be warm AND chic and all the other farm chicks will be jealous.  Or maybe that will just be what I think to myself when I wear it.

I am, by the by, about 2 inches along at the time of the post.  That means I'll be done with this project … oh … tomorrow. LOL.  ;)

(Love you, mama!)


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