December 14, 2012

Friday FOs: Hats, hats, hats!

That afghan that I am supposed to have finished next week isn't making much progress, but I did manage to finish up a few hats.  The first is Honey's Skully hat that I was making as a birthday gift, and which, I think, is going camping/hiking this weekend.  It's still a bit damp and will hopefully hurry up and dry after it's first wash in the picture, but I wanted to share anyway.

Finishing this was a bit of a chore because the pattern that I purchased was missing the key for the final chart abbreviations and the decreases ... well they didn't actually match the stitch count of the project.  But, I persevered and Honey has a pretty cool hat, if you ask me.

Then these two hats are for nephews:

I had made several of these before the last festival that I attended and they completely sold out.  Haven't had time to make more for the shop, but I'm hoping that their popularity around here will translate to well-worn gifts for the boys.

Hope your Christmas knitting is moving right along too!  Knit happy!

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