November 29, 2012

Need to knit faster!

I have been able to set aside time to knit each day this week, but I can't seem to knit quickly enough for all I have to get done.  Buying presents isn't the only rush before Christmas around here, that's for sure!

Skully continues to move along despite my snail's pace as a color work knitter. I've definitely come to understand why color work has long been done as a flat piece of fabric that is later seamed to form a tube. I've definitely been making use of the technique I picked up from X for knitting color work stripes in the round. Hopefully there line that denotes the beginning of the round will be as invisible when the hat is on Honey's head as it is while the hat is on my needles.

This morning I spent three hours devising, creating a template, tracing, cutting out, and packaging 15 pair of antlers, 15 reindeer heads, 30 ears, 16 ball ornaments, and 20 bell ornaments from sheets of craft foam. Tonight is craft night at my daughter's Girl Scout meeting and guess who is the crafty mom. So we are making ornaments, and then we will use them to decorate the troop's tree on the troop float for Saturday's Christmas parade.

In other knitting news ... I was struck by a bolt of philanthropy mid-November and agreed to knit a custom afghan that will ultimately measure 4 ft. by 6 ft. before Christmas. So far, I am nearly finished with the first third of the project and am averaging about 6-8 rows per hour. It's crazy, but the larger the needles, the more my hands and wrists ache. I am a pretty quick knitter, but this is turning into a 50-hour ordeal on top of the Christmas knitting I had wanted to do for myself this year. Remind me to reserve my philanthropic notions for Spring, when there will be months before Christmas instead of weeks. (And red doesn't photograph well on the Iphone, apparently.)

Anyway, the day is beautiful and the household chores are few today, so there's really nothing to do but knit.

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