November 19, 2012

And so it goes ...

When my husband was up and out of bed before the alarm on a Monday morning and making coffee, I knew that today was going to be a little off.  I was already rather discomfited about having to go for a few annual womanly tests this morning, and I should have just stayed in bed and obsessed about it.  Instead, I got up with the idea that, since Rocket was going to work with her daddy on this first day of Thanksgiving break, I would wrap up a few loose ends and get some things done that I had been putting off.

First, after the last hair cut, which was WAY shorter than I had anticipated it would be, and the 1/2 inch remnants of the highlights I had put in last July were glaringly awful, I decided that I would save the $100 for the salon and use it for Christmas shopping season.  Honey said he thought I would look good with hair that was a little more auburn.  The hair on the box that matched mine turned a pretty dark brown/auburn shade and having colored my hair MANY times before, I figured I'd just do it up quickly this morning before breakfast.  I followed every direction to the T, including the extra 10 minutes for gray or course hair--both of which I have begun to grow now that I am 40.  My hair did not turn out like that of the model on the box.  My hair is now EGGPLANT PURPLE!  Not black, not auburn, not even some kind of shade of brown.  PURPLE!!!  (I would show you a picture, but my vanity is too wounded right now to be a good sport about it.)

Okay, so shake it off, right?  It's just hair, and mine is short and this could all be gone, if I am reasonably optimistic, by Christmas.  So I went to check on the gluten-free almond/pumpkin muffins that I had made while I was waiting for my hair to, apparently, dye itself purple.  This time--which if you know me is not how I cook/bake anything--I followed the recipe to the letter and used agave syrup, which I never use because it's just crappy but what the hell it's in the recipe, and what was that charcoal smell?  Apparently all of the agave syrup had risen through the batter to the top and then proceded to form a charcoal cap to my muffins.  There went breakfast, right into the trash can.

So Honey was pretty good about it--I think because my hair was purple and he wanted to get out of the house before that fact had completely settled into my brain--and offered to pick up breakfast for Rocket on the way into work, and I decided that the only thing that I could do to get out of this downward spiral was to knit something.  But I had just finished the neckband on that Amiga sweater that I was knitting alongside my knitting class students last night, so I figured I'd block it, sew on a button, weave in the ends and then maybe wear it today.  I did all of those things, only to discover afterward, upon putting it on my body, that I had picked up 10 more stitches on one side of the neckband than the other which then made the left side of the sweater 10 rows longer than the right side at a rather drunken slant.  Did I neglect to mention that the yarn used to knit this sweater had a healthy component of mohair in it?  Need I say more about the experience to follow of ripping out 3 hours of work and 20 rows to start the neck band again? It's a good thing that I had extra skeins left over because that one is in bits and piecese.

So now I am hoping that I am, three catastrophes under my belt before 10 am, done with being a super-magnet for all of the negative energy in the universe and that the rest of my day is going to be a wonderful turn-around.  And to begin that wonderful turn-around, I am going to purchase this pattern, Snawheid, from my new favorite fair isle designer, Kate Davies, which was just released this morning and just fantasize about knitting it for myself for a while.

And then I am going to pick up for the neckband again with all of my attention focused on the stitch count and knitting this neckband is going to get me through my round of unpleasant tests this morning because the day HAS to get better, right?

I hope everyone else is having a magnificent Monday!

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  1. Ummmmm WOW! But you would look great with purple hair and I'm on my way over now to see it!

    Love You!


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