December 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Entrelac Experiment

It's been a very long time I think since I posted for WIP Wednesday, but since I have a few projects on the needles I thought I'd go ahead and share the new Entrelac project and update Honey's sweater project. procamera So here's where I am with the Entrelac. Looks pretty good, huh? There was that New Year's resolution knitting list for 2011 ... And I accomplished much, but not all. :( So in these last few days of 2011, I am attempting to do one last item on the list by learning Entrelac and making this scarf--which will probably end up getting sewn together at the ends to make a cowl of some kind. As I may have mentioned before, I think this is a tedious process of knitting. I get bored after about one right side and wrong side round and have to set it down in favor of other things--sometimes I don't make it through an entire side--, like the iPad I got for Christmas that is taking me forever to set up to fit my needs. Be that as it may, I think that I am about 50% finished with this project. Optimistically speaking, it could be done by New Year's Eve. I would like to say that this silk/merino is of my own label, but it's really some Cherry Tree Hill that hasn't seen the light of day since I bought it--something from the Vampire collection, which should tell you that it's been waiting in the drawer for eons. I like it but don't like it--the strands separate too easily when I'm picking up stitches, but it's soft and snuggly with a nice pattern repeat and a little sheen. Now about Honey's shawl collar sweater ... I'm still working on that project and it seems like I am getting nowhere even though it's sucking up the yarn like crazy. (Being an English teacher, you'd think I'd have a less colloquial analogy, right?) I've been working my yardage expectations according to that Drops pattern at I had originally begun this project with. Now I'm thinking that the numerical errors in the stitch count weren't the only problem with the pattern. I think that the yardage required for the pattern was sans sleeves and collar! I ordered another blank skein to dye up upon the expectation that I wouldn't have enough yarn todo sleeves, but now I'm thinking, as this sweater continues to burn through the yarn, that I am going to need at least two more skeins. I'm doing this bottom up, and I have the ribbing and about 4.5 inches of the body done. This is total automatic knitting, and it's becoming a car knitting staple. I think it's also going to be a faculty meeting staple. (I know the picture is upside down, but I'm still getting the hang of this Incredibly convoluted iPad thing.) Uploaded by ProCamera And the other new project on the needles is a new pair of Sportsman gloves for Scout #2 who washed and dried the first 100% wool pair that I made him. He needs these for the big January Pine Mountain camping trip. Maybe I should spend more time on the gloves and less time on the Entrelac scarf now that I think about how close the date of this trip is. Well, off to knit something. In case I don't get back to posting before the first of the new year, Happy New Year everyone!


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