December 12, 2011

Monday Masterpiece & Giveaway Winner!

First, the winner of my $20 electronic gift certificate giveaway is:  Lorraine!  Yeah!  Congrats Lorraine!  I'll be in touch, so check your email later today.

For a change, the weekend was productive on the knitting front.  I managed to finish the hat for Rocket's hat & mitten set for Christmas.  I'm debating about whether or not to knit up a flower to embellish it after she said something to me this morning about how she would like "a hat with a flower on top".  I don't think I would necessarily put a knitted flower on the very top of the hat, but maybe I could do an I-cord and make the shape of one.  That one will take a little thought.

The big masterpiece for today is this little number: my very own, no-pattern used to make this scarf, braided scarf in emerald hand spun bulky wool. 

I think that for a woman working without a net, it turned out pretty swell (even if my camera doesn't want to cooperate with color indoors today). All that I did was to figure out how wide I wanted my scarf to be and then improvised the braided parts.  I think I will wear it to work today, since the weather is threatening to be cold, windy, and raining. Brrrrr!


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