November 04, 2011

A Wonderful Week of Knitting!

      Although I have been bitten by the flu bug this week, and have felt down-right pitiful and unmotivated to do anything but knit and lay around, all that time to be an invalid gave me the opportunity to make some really good progress on the project list.  I also want to remind everyone that, if you are in the market for a little sock yarn, I'm having a 20% off sale on all of my Rocket Sock collection at my Etsy shop.  So here's the run-down.

Honey has a new motorcycle cowl:

I have a new candle flame cowl for me done in my handspun Corriedale in Butternut (yarn is also available for purchase in the Etsy shop):

Judy got shoes:

And the first of two mittens for Rocket for Christmas has been completed in a two-ply hand painted & hand spun squishy superwash merino that I spun up this past summer for her.  It's been long enough that she has forgotten about the yarn, so I am hoping that the mittens and their accompanying hat--maybe there's enough for a scarf, too--will be a nice Christmas surprise.  I couldn't be more pleased about how this two-ply is knitting up!

So here's how the list for 2011 is looking:

sweater for me (elsebeth lavold Christmas present skeins)
medium Sportsman test gloves
large Sportsman test gloves
extra-large Sportsman test gloves
2 sweaters for Rocket (1 done)
1 pair of gloves for Scout 2
that gorgeous blackberry cabled cowl sweater for me
Swing for my mom
Autumn Leaves beret
Buttercup beret
socks, socks, socks! (Groovy; waterfall; monkey socks)
Reconstruction Sweater (sleeves not yet done)
cowl for a friend 
another pair of Elegy gloves for me (in progress)
80s Shrug (hibernating)
cabled cardigan (hibernating)
yellow Swing
Macrame Vest (hibernating)
cowl for Honey (times 2!)
black cherry wool/silk cowl
Miscellaneous cowls for me (2 done so far, but there's still that Possum yarn to knit!)
Mittens & Hat for Rocket
Rocket's Birthday Doll (Judy)
Fair Isle Hat for Scout #1
Christmas Slouch for gift
Christmas Candle Flame Scarf for gift
Candle Flame Scarf for my mom

There's how many weeks until the new year?!


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