October 11, 2011

New Adventure: Posy!

My daughter, who is about to turn 8 years old, loves dolls.  I don't think that she so much loves playing with them as she loves possessing them.  In that vein, I showed her some dolls on Etsy from Dolly Time, a great little shop full of adorable knitted doll patterns.  So guess what she wanted for her birthday?  Originally she wanted Alice in Wonderland and the Rabbit OR the twin babies, but I managed to convince her that I really only needed to make one doll that was appropriate for an 8 year-old.  Thus, I obtained the Posy pattern, and away I go! 

Well, not just like that.  Actually, it took me a few weeks to even locate yarn that I could use to make Posy's body.  The original pattern calls for a brand of yarn that appears to be only available in Europe, as every Canadian supplier was out of the requisite flesh color. I did find a flesh color at Knit Picks (Comfy Fingering in "flamingo"); however, it's in cotton and my experience with it tells me that cotton fingering weight just doesn't fill in the gaps when stuffed like a wool would do (per original pattern).  Anyway, it's still looking good. She's about 16 inches tall.  She even has thumbs! 

These pictures represent about a week's worth of work.  We had a long car trip last weekend to Chattanooga that allowed me to get the legs accomplished--so far, that's been the most time-consuming part of the pattern. Rocket's birthday is in two weeks, and I still have shoes, underpants, a pleated skirt, a sweater, and a hat--oh yeah, and Rocket also wants me to create a purse instead of the flowers.

Stay tuned!  Soon she'll have a face and turquoise hair (Rocket's personal touch).  She probably won't be named Posy when it's all said and done, either. 

This is, actually, turning out to be fun!


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