October 30, 2011

A few crafty things of the season

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  Certainly, when the leaves are bright and crisply colorful, everyone loves autumn.  I love autumn for the once-a-year things that autumn brings:  apples, apple sauce, apple butter, pumpkin butter, cozy evening fires in the fire place, crisply cold evenings (cold mornings are NOT among my favorite autumn things, however), piles of leaves, and cowls.  There are other things, of course, but you do those things to and the point is that I have a new cowl and a bunch of new cinnamon applesauce to show off.

First, last weekend's trip to Fletcher, NC for the annual SAFF (Southern Animal & Fiber Fair) convention brought some great new fibers to spin (I've been so busy they haven't even made their way out of the shopping bag yet!) and a bushel of Jonagold apples.  I don't care what anyone says, Jonagold makes THE BEST apple butter!  And, though I was flying solo and without an actual recipe at the time, as it turns out, it also makes the best cinnamon apple sauce in the history of the world!  1/2 bushel yielded 7 quarts, one pint, and the bowl that Rocket ate of apple sauce.

Then, although I finished the knitting part last week, I put the finishing touches on my new cowl for the season. This is my own hand painted and handspun superwash merino.  Although accidental, when knit with my bamboo stitch scarf pattern, I ended up with very cool coppery angled stripes in an even pattern all the way through the piece.  I used about 200 yards for this cowl.  The buttons are a copper color and they go with the stripes.

Oh, and I finished spinning up a sinfully soft skein of 50% camel & 50% caramel-colored alpaca yesterday, too.  177 yards.  It's so soft that all I can think of is that this skein would make some heavenly soft gloves.  It's about to be listed in the Etsy shop; but I might have to spin one up for myself later. :)

And that's some good work for the weekend, I think.  Apple butter will be next on the list for today, right after I knit up a sweater for Pickles.  Apparently, the chihuahua has gained a few pounds and the puppy with the fat belly needs a new sweater.


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